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Make Docomo 3G dongle a wifi hotspot

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    Default Make Docomo 3G dongle a wifi hotspot

    Hi Guys,

    I have a TATA Docomo 3G dongle with me which i use to connect to the internet.
    Also, I have a android device ( my phone) and an iOS device (iPad) which had wifi capabilities.

    I wanted to use my plug-in (docomo) as a wifi hotspot using my laptop. I had installed connectify on my windows 7 and started the hotspot. But, as usual, I am unable to connect to internet on either of my devices. Surprisingly, my iOS device recognizes the SSID of the wifi hotspot but is not able to connect but my android device doesnt even find this wifi hotspot.

    Please help me out in solving this issue.


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    I dont think you can use the Docomo 3G dongle a WiFi hotspot, unless its the WiFi version dongle. If it is not then the only way round is getting a WiFi router which allows USB dongles to be connected.

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    It is a long way round but if the sim in the dongle is removable you can insert it in your phone and turn on tethering which means the Tata connection would work as a WiFi hotspot.

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