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Photon plus internet data of the worst...!!!

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    Default Photon plus internet data of the worst...!!!

    Recently I purchased one Photon plus connection from Docomo Gallery at Chembur Naka, Near Vodafone store, Mumbai. At the time of purchase the so called store Manager explained me that the speed of this postpaid connection will be 3.1 Mbps. I thought at all the places it may not be the same speed but at least I will get 1 Mbps at my place at Anushaktinagar, Mumbai. When I came to my quarter and tried this connection, I was very much surprised to note that the speed of the connection was .2 Mbps. I tried again and again from different location in my quarter but the speed was the same. I thought there may be some fault with the device, I contacted their service center. They were very much reluctant to hear me. With great difficulty they fixed the visit of their engineer. In the mean time I went to the same store and discussed the matter with the Manager. He checked the speed with my device at his store. It was giving .6 or .7 Mbps. I argued with him that even at your place it is not giving the assured speed. Then he replied, “The 3.1 Mbps speed is not the exact speed which you will get… it is up to 3.1 Mbps.” What a nice reply to cheat the customers…!!! Then I asked him up to 3.1 Mbps means it is from 0 to 3.1 Mbps he said “YES”. (What a knowledgeable and intelligent reply…!)

    Now here comes the Engineer of the company. With one of the device in his hand he checked the network at my place. He told that the network in this area is very much weak and you will not get the speed and I will forward the details to my service center. After some time I got a call from the service center the gentleman on line told that there is a problem of network in your area and we are looking to upgrade it may take 6-7 months. I asked him only one question; at the time of applying for the connection I gave my details to the store Manager wherein the residence is clearly mentioned “ANUSHAKTINAGAR”. Why your Manager of the store was hiding the fact that there is a problem of network in my area? He did not reply and kept the phone.

    Now I am in dilemma…!!! The Manager of the store told me that you will be charged Rs.650/= per month for this pp connection. Whether the charges are also up to Rs.650/= a month like their inter speed up to 3.1 Mbps?

    Like this company, many other companies are in the market. Beware before purchasing any inter net connection (data cards). There may be some cheaters also.


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    I have "always" advised members here to check speed and network strength at the place where you are going to use the connection and not at the shop or company outlet. I do feel for you but this is the price you have to pay for being an Indian where no company feels the heat of the law for not keeping promises to their customers. Had this been in the USA or western Europe you would have got a different treatment.

    Buying a wireless data connection is no different then a mobile phone and I am sure you check which operator has good signal strength at your place before you buy a sim card dont you? In the same way anything wireless has to be checked the same way before you spend your money.

    Lesson : Do not take advise from the person who you are buying from. Come to forums like these to get unbiased advise. A shopkeeper will always say things to make sure his sale goes through and he gets his/her commission and after you are a customer you are not his problem any more right? So expecting the shop staff to tell you that sir your area doesn't have good network is a bit out of order I believe. They will lie no matter what and it is you who has to stop listening to the shopkeepers. Always get info from a neutral third party.

    What next?
    If I was you I would check if Reliance or MTS has any better coverage and get the dongle unlocked and get a connection from reliance or MTS as they use the same technology and the dongle can be used for their network as well. If this is not possible try finding a buyer for your datacard.

    Another option for you is to go to court where you could also claim for compensation for the trouble you are going through.

    PS: I have moved this thread to Tata photon section. If you need advise on which which connection you should get then please start a new thread in this sub forum : Broadband Internet Service Providers

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    Lightbulb I had same experience...Unlock the data card and use it with BSNL EVDO sim

    I had same experience about Tata Photon Plus... I am from Pune ( Kothrud ). These guys don't give a dam. You will not get speed improvement. Which data card are you using? Model number? I would advice to unlock it. If BSNL EVDO sim ( Its a CDMA sim which you can use in same data card after unlocking ) is available in your area then buy it. I have unlocked Huawei EC1561 EVDO modem. You will not regret using BSNL. Rs 750 / month, unlimited download, no FUP. I am getting speed around 110-150 KB/s.

    If you are interested I can tell you how to unlock it.

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    Bsnl does not operate in Delhi and Mumbai.

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