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Information for Tata Sky

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    Default Information for Tata Sky

    Here is some good information which help you to choose TATA SKY or DISH TV

    ->All your favourite channels in DVD quality picture and CD quality sound. No hazy pictures. No distortion. Just crystal clear picture that’s sure to take your breath away.
    ->Recently released blockbuster movies on your television with SHOWCASE. Order the movie over the telephone and enjoy it in the comfort of your home.
    -> Ten audio channels from MUSIC CHOICE. Choose the genre of music you like and enjoy ad-free music in CD quality sound.
    -> A bouquet of interactive services that make television viewing an all-new experience!
    -> With ACTVE GAMES, television is now more than just watching TV and is sure to keep everyone in the family entertained.
    Interactive learning games for kids on ACTVE WIZKIDS.
    ->GANESHASPEAKS: All it takes is the press of a button. Find out what each day has in store for you with daily astrology from Bejan Daruwalla’s team.
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    Music Channels as you mentioned like AUDIO or not there on TATA

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    I guess you missed out on something.. there are so many radio channels and music channels on tata sky.
    Where did you check?

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    Well i think Tata sky lacks in music channels, they have very less numbers of music channels even they have dropped all audio channels except AIR Jalandhar and that too will not come for full day.

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    I just wanted to ask one thing and that are these qualities of Dish TV or TATA sky.

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