Tata Sky Ltd., the joint venture between the Tata Group and Star, has launched three new features on its premium PVR offering, Tata Sky+.

The features include True Video-on-Demand (TVoD) service, dual access remote recording and the revolutionary auto standby technology to save electricity. The dual access mode is the only feature which will be launched by the end of this month, as the TVoD-goes on air today. All three features are value additions as they do not have a price attached to them.

TVoD means an additional 45 hours of content, which includes movies, documentaries and sitcoms.

"So far, there was traditional pay-per-view which meant that the consumer had to adhere to the timings when the content would be available. This means we at Tata Sky will be downloading content directly into your PVR which will reside in the box and a consumer has on demand access to this programming. Besides being the first DTH player to offer this, it will not be restricted to the new boxes but also on existing boxes," says MD & CEO, Tata Sky, Vikram Kaushik.

Not willing to put a figure to the investment in this additional content, the CEO adds that typically DTH players across the world spend approximately, 45-55% on content.

"Price wars are endemic to the Indian market but in the long run, functionality, convenience and reliability of the product will matter. Technology too will play a part as will ease of navigation," adds Kaushik .

Kaushik however once again, quoting mature markets globally says that it is typical for DTH players to subsidise PVR's for a year or two. Kaushik says once one box comes into a house, the demo effect is huge leading to a demand for more boxes within the same house and outside as well.

Hi Definition, or HD is the next big techno leap that both the television industry has taken and Sun Direct has already launched it. But Kaushik is not willing to put an exact time frame to Tata Sky launching their HD, he says it will definitely be this year.
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