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Bad Move by Tata Sky: Increased multiroom connection price

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    Default Bad Move by Tata Sky: Increased multiroom connection price

    This really is a bad move by Tata Sky or say worst move, First it already had most costlies packages and now they have increased their child connection price as well that too by Rs.25.

    So Now for child connection a Tata Sky subscriber has to pay Rs.150, where earlier it was Rs.125.

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    This is bad news indeed for multi-room multi-tv subscribers.
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    Well its only another Rs25, and for those who have a multiroom in the first place, wouldn't really find the extra Rs25 hurts their pockets!

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    Thats not the point.. Some people went with Tata sky because they have more then one tv and tata sky multi room was the cheapest and every other company was charging Rs150+
    It is only rs25 on top per room but it kills the purpose of going with tata sky.

    If and when I buy the new HD box I wont have much reason to stay with tata sky ... why not sun dth? or any other?

    The only other advantage tata sky has is its remote control's feel but I got another tv recently and the new tata sky box came with a very tiny remote control and I find it really annoying way to cut their costs...

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