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Tata Sky blocked FIFA world cup on ESPN HD: cheated customers

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    Default Tata Sky blocked FIFA world cup on ESPN HD: cheated customers

    Tata Sky Dissapoint again: Its now almost a routine in Tata Sky. Most pathetic service, I bought Tata Sky HD just because of watching FIFA in HD. but really miss the final moments of the Final Match on Tata Sky. Now i am really feeling like a cheated and degraded Tata Sky customer.

    they have blocked the HD telecast of FIFA world cup on ESPN HD channels just before the final minutes of the game. leaving a msg to subscribe for this channel.

    This channel is not a part of your subscription. For more information on channels, packages prices, details on Showcase & other services, press the 'help' button on your Tata Sky remote. (4)

    Tata Sky on 11th July, just before the extra time was about to end of the Fifa World Cup final match between Spain and Netherlands, Tata Sky blocked its ESPN HD channel. Spain had just scored and last few minutes of the game were left and excitement was all around. Suddenly what you get is a blank screen informing you that “This channel is not a part of your subscription.” How irritating! The remaining minutes of the match was viewable on the normal ESPN channel, but that’s besides the point. If I paid for a HD set top box and all because i wanted to watch the World Cup matches in HD, I deserved to watch the match till the end.

    This is very poor service and very shameful act by Tata Sky. They are just looting and cheating their customers.

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    Be their Vehicles,Internet or DTH TATA is the worst i've ever seen never ever buy a tata product

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    I felt cheated bought box for the game never got to see it.Isn't there anything we can do,are we at their mercy after shelling out our money.So much for ethics TATA.

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