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Tata Sky + HD to be launched Shortly! Details Inside

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    Arrow Tata Sky + HD to be launched Shortly! Details Inside

    Excellent news guys.

    Something i been waiting for endlessly now, seems to be getting real.

    As per a report on, Tata Sky will soon launch an HD Recorder Set-Top Box, competing directly with Reliance TV now.

    Following is the excerpt from the story on the site :

    HD content is not exactly abundant in our lovely country, but Tata has decided to give us a little bit more than we already have. OK, so they’re not really launching any new HD channels, but at least they’re giving us the option to record HD content now. Tata has just announced that their Tata Sky HD PVR set top box will be launched soon. This set top box will have a storage space of 500 GB and will feature all the HD channels that are currently on Tata Sky’s roster such as National Geographic and Movies Now.

    HD recording at your service

    This new set top box will definitely be a blessing to those who don’t want to miss out on their precious HD content, as they can now be recorded. I’m hoping that more channels are launched soon though. The rest of the world has been watching a wide variety of content in HD for a long time now and there are even talks of some pretty cool 3D channels being launched soon. It seems like we’re almost always the last to get all the cool stuff. Why should we be made to feel like neglected step children? This is really frustrating and I really do hope that it changes soon, as regular TV is getting a little drab.

    Pricing for the Tata Sky HD PVR Set Top Box has not been announced yet, but do stay tuned for an update.

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    ESPN HD will be launched before World Cup it will available on Tata Sky HD ......saw it today on Tech Guru

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    its 3999/-
    i got a letter with the same details

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    Default my experience

    Today I finally managed to get my tatasky + hd .i have been waiting for an hd recorder for about 3-4 months... It took tatasky 7 days to complete my request.. looks like that there is a huge demand for the box.. To get the box, I had to escalate to "" email address and after which there was action around...

    I would recommend to buy by paying online rather than going for cash of delivery .. my thought is they give second preference to the cash on delivery .

    what i liked :
    - the menu options / channel selection is very good and upgraded.also it is more responsive.. also when you switch off the box and bring it back, it remembers the last selection.
    - hd channel clarity is very good...
    - recording is excellent .. you can record max 2 at a time.
    - price is best .. 3999 Rs.
    - my old dish got replaced with a big one, hopefully i might get more stable signal
    - 500 gb of recording space
    - upgraded hardware
    - hdmi cable included

    - only 2 channels for hd...regular price 30 Rs.. they have started the ESPN hd, start critcket hd...etc.. but the price has been increased to 50 rs...
    - the times movies hd channel is not available.
    - the regular channels dont look better.. in this box
    - installation took a lot of time..(for me)
    - start tv hd (104) doesnt look better than the regular one

    - there is a USB port & a lan port .. dont know how to use them...

    as i experience more, will share more..

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