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A small doubt

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    Default A small doubt

    Hi frnds..

    This is bhaskar.Im from Andhra Pradesh.

    I dnt used my tatasky dth since 09/06/2008

    Now i want to use it.

    My question is.. Can i use old satelite and reciever ??
    if yes how to activate it ??

    and any need to change directions of dish??

    Sorry for bad EnglisH

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    You can try : Reconnect the set up and see what message appears in TV.
    If message is account closed/deleted any option to renew ?
    Only On TataSky.
    Contact CC and then renew .
    Check website/s for procedure.

    Surprised TataSky did not take back the dish and settop box till date !!

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    You can still use the old dish and STB. But TataSky will charge reconnection charges and perhaps installation charges as well.

    Just contact a dealer and verify. If TS is going to charge you full amount (because the connection has been defunct for so long), might as well ask them to supply new equipment. Ask them a concession/rebate of returning older equipment.

    In any case bargain hard or tell them that you will move to another provider.
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    thnk u guys for u reply.

    If they ask full amount i better 2 go for hd

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