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Cable TV only broadcasting News channels

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    Default Cable TV only broadcasting News channels

    On Sunday in large parts of Mumbai, Thane, Pune and several cities in Maharashtra , the cable operators had switched off all the entertainment channels except news channels. They were showing only news channels covering Bal Thackeray’s funeral. This included a major digital cable operator like Hathway. I think this was extremely unprofessional on their part. Whatever be your political leanings, how can you simply switch off a service for what customers are paying. Tata Sky was the only service where people had access to channels. Tata Sky has only risen in my self esteem. I am so glad that I am not dependent on these cable operators and their whims. I am sticking with a professional service like Tata Sky.

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    Is it just TATASky, or all DTH operators? In a country where you have enough freedom, this cant be tolerated though!
    May be this was the reason those girls got arrested!!
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    I was not aware that cable operations were turned off. Being a customer of TS, I did not notice that. I can't believe that others turned off their entertainment channels? What about rest of India?

    As far as the girls being arrested (for protesting on voluntary Mumbai bandh) this is just the kind of knee-jerk reaction our people are famous for. In the US/UK/Europe, the police dept would be sued big time for false arrests.
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