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“Samose se kam daam mein Tata Sky” new ad campaign

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    Default “Samose se kam daam mein Tata Sky” new ad campaign

    Tata Sky's new ad campaign “Samose se kam daam mein Tata Sky” is very interesting and insightful. The theme of the ad campaign manifests two main features- affordability and flexibility. It is strange that if you think hard about it, Tata Sky on a daily basis costs less than a samosa or an idli. It is this point that tata sky wants to emphasize and it is conveyed very well! Affordable: A samosa costs around Rs. 10 and the per day subscription cost of Tata Sky is Rs. 6.70 for Dhamaal Mix Pack and Rs. 5.20 for South Sports Pack. Thus, Tata Sky is not only economical but also offers value for money as it costs much less that products in which we don’t even have second glance at. Flexible: Tata sky packages are very flexible. They allow us to make our own pack and pay only for those channels that we watch. We can also easily add/drop channels. The ad strikes a chord perfectly with the audience and shatters the myth about the perceived high costs of tata sky and dth in general. It is an insightful message which makes the audience rethink. Pretty well thought out ads, I must say!

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    Really? If you or anyone believes that watching TataSky is cheaper than eating a Samosa, then good luck to you all.

    And please enlighten me, what is flexible about TataSky Make my Pack? Try to put in your favourite channels and it will turn out more expensive than standard bouquet of packages.
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    I would stop eating samosas the day they start costing as much as I pay for Tata sky.
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