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Tata Sky+ HD launches ‘Do It Yourself’ as part of Video on Demand (VoD)

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    Default Tata Sky+ HD launches ‘Do It Yourself’ as part of Video on Demand (VoD)

    Tata Sky has launched a new category of ‘Do It Yourself’ (DIY) videos as part of Video on Demand (VoD). DIY has hundreds of learning videos in categories like Musical Instruments, Health & Fitness, Ayurveda, Hobbies, Cooking, Beauty & Skincare and a lot more. The service adds more value and is a creative concept. Instead of waiting and looking out for a Guitar teacher you can go ahead and learn guitar right from home with DIY. From mastering the table to learning Yoga, from having fun with Origami to understanding Vaastu, DIY has videos for whatever you want to learn. To get DIY, connect your Tata Sky+ HD box to the internet then Press Showcase button - Select Video On Demand - Select Value category & Select - Do It Yourself. Explore the whole new world of learning right from home with Tata Sky+ HD’s VoD service Do It Yourself.

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    I saw the ad for this and thought wow, this actually looks good. Because my sister has Tata Sky+ HD I tried this out and what a dissapointment it was. From the ad it seems like they have lots of VOD's, but there are very few VOD's and to be honest pretty pointless. They are videos which you can watch on You Tube, you can learn a lot from the internet and You Tube videos. I dont know whether you can learn how to play instruments (as there are how to learn to play musical instruments on VOD) but you can learn things like Yoga, DIY things and home remedies for health etc.

    Just a money grabber from Tata Sky I think.

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    Plain and simple surrogate advertising by alokmis. I have often thought of banning.
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    And to top it up He/she is copy pasting same stuff at multiple websites.


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