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Tata Sky+ HD product of the year 2013

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    Default Tata Sky+ HD product of the year 2013

    Ive been complaining about high the prices for Tata Sky and the amount of HD channels they provide, but suprisingly Tata Sky+ HD has been awarded product of the year award 2013. So we know that Tata Sky is in demand evn though their costs are higher than others, itmaybe that they are charging for the high end equipment which is why is costlier to subscibe to them and now they have a winning product.

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    You have to admit that the Tata Sky HD+ box does deserve to get the product of the year award out of all the other DTH providers, because its better than the rest. True their package rates are high, but still they have a lot of customers because of their good service.

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    TataSky+ PVR/DVR is definitely a good product. It perhaps deserve "Product of the Year" award. Whatever.

    That does not absolve TS for high-prices and low-content.
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    Tata Sky is part of the Sky company which provides it services in countries like England. So obviously they would have good hardware and technology, therefore getting an award for the best product.

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