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Tata Sky Make your own Pack

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    Default Tata Sky Make your own Pack

    This is something which I was acutally waiting for and seems like Tata Sky has got it. Its called Make your own pack, which means you basically choose individal channels which you like to make a package. The channels which you can choose from are from the a la carte list, as well as the normal channels from other sections like entertainment, movies, regional channels and other sections.
    Each channel has its own cost charged per month below it, so you can easily see the charges and work out how much your monthly pack wuld work out to be.

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    Its a good idea, because then you dont have to end up paying for channels that your not going to watch, but you should always add up the amount, because you dont want it to work out more than you pay for the current packages.

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    I bet a lot people have gone into create your own package thinking it would work out better, but infact it would work out to be more expensive, just another way to fool customers I think.

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