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Disney Channel on Tata Sky

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    Default Disney Channel on Tata Sky

    For those who have Tata Sky if you have probably noticed that in the movies section there is an additional movie channel which is Disney Movies. I thought ok it seems like a good channel all Disney movies wow! But the two things that put me off were firstly the cost which was Rs200 per month, I mean for one channel its way too much. Secondly the movies which they show are very repetitive, and they are shown at least 4 times in a day. A channel simply not worth it.

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    I have also seen the Disney Channel option on Tata Sky, and got to say its way too costly for one channel. I don't think the channel is on Tata Sky anymore, because it used to be in the movies section but is not listed there now!

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    My little one only watches Doremon and I have been trying to keep him busy with other things but 605 is all he wants. The kind of language they use is not very good for kids.

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