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Cost for HD pack for Tata Sky

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    Default Cost for HD pack for Tata Sky

    I would like know what Tata Sky charges for their HD pack, I did search the Tata Sky site but wasn't able to find an individual price for the HD pack. I would also appreciate it the list of HD channels would also be listed.
    Thanks members.

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    HD packs for Tata Sky are Rs125 for one month, Rs750 for six months and Rs1500 for a year.

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    I am paying INR. 7000 for TataSky Annual Mega HD pack and here are the options which you have for Mega HD pack

    Mega HD (290 channels) will cost you
    Semi Annual Pack: INR. 3800 for 6 months
    Annual Pack: INR. 7000 for 1 year
    Biennaial Pack: INR 12800 for 2 years

    For list of channels please check to

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    Thats a set of two different prices, confusing?

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    The prices given are per month costs and the second set of prices are for 6 months, 1 year and 2 years.

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