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Tata Sky Daily Recharge voucher

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    Default Tata Sky Daily Recharge voucher

    For the first time ever Tata Sky have introduced their daily recharge service, so basically customers can recharge for the days worth of watching with the minimum amount being Rs8. This move by Tata Sky will actually attract more customers and it is their aim to do so, there are many people who sometimes don't watch TV all day and maybe just a few days out of a week, and this service is appropriate for them. I think this is a much better option than actually stopping the payment as it is more hassle.
    The daily recharge options are available in Rs8, Rs10, Rs20, Rs50 and Rs100.

    In order to activate the daily recharge voucher users need to purchase the recharge voucher from a store, scratch and then SMS from the registered mobile number.

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    Good for those who dont watch TV a lot say around mabe 10 times in a month maybe. But even then it would be wise to workout whether these daily recharges workout cheap or getting a monthly pack.

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    Not good for the people who watch it everyday, only for those I think who watch TV on weekends or a couple of days during the week, more useful for those who are at work for most hours of the day.

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    Tata Sky brings to you Daily Recharge, giving you the flexibility to only pay for what you watch

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