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Cheaper Packages from Tata Sky

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    Default Cheaper Packages from Tata Sky

    With the great competition in DTH services, Tata Sky has now decided to cut down on their package prices and the price has now gone lower than before. The basic family pack is now only Rs200, which includes channels like Star Plus, Zee Tv and many others. So personally I think that although Dish TV are giving their set top box free, having a cheaper monthly service is much better! But on the other hand is you are someone who is only going to get the minimum and cheap package, then maybe getting the Dish TV offer of a free set top box will work out beneficial for you.

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    If the whole houshold has uniform channel preferences this works out very well and overall cost comes down.

    The problem is that it is rarely so. A typical Indian family consists of Papa-Mommy, maybe 2 children (and perhaps Dada-Dadi). Their choices rarely match. The kids are interested in cartoon/music channels (depends upon age), the women folks are interested in soaps and the papa is generally interested in news & sports. Movie channels are of common interest. The older folks are interested in the regional language channels. So unless someone is willing to sacrifice you end up subscribing to all channels.

    The channels are so packaged that you are forced to opt for the 'premium' packages.

    To take the example above, the TataSky family pack consists of mostly hindi channels. I am interested in watching English channels such as Star World, Zee Cafe, etc. also and for this I am forced to add on to the basic package.

    If you look very closely, you are not offered a choice at all.
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    very truly said just4kix
    So on the whole you have to buy all the channels

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