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tatasky degrading itself.

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    Thumbs down tatasky degrading itself.

    Unless tatasky gives new & flexi services to customers, taking feedback and as well seeing the forthcoming operators in the market, it cannot survive.

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    Default how...

    how can a robber degrade himself?.

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    TataSky's policy of separating the boquets is in the right direction.

    Not all people (e.g. old folks) like to watch channels such as Sports, National Geographic, AP, etc.

    Unfortunately their pricing is not right and now if you wanted all previous channels you are going to pay more. TRAI guidelines state that no channel should cost more than Rs. 15 per month and should be offered at even lower price when sold in bouquets.
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    I agree that separating is good
    but if we add themthen it should be costing the same as before which is not which is really bad

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