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Tata Sky vs. Dish Tv

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    Good evening.

    Unless I have seen the demo of Tata Sky Channel, it will be difficult to convey my comments that will and should be based on one's own personal experiences. The choice of installing Tata Sky may be the best, but only after the demo is there. Moreover, how is that the prices will be almost doubled after the Deepawali Festival falling on 17th instant. Hence, let us first be in a position to see the demo; only thereafter, comments and purchase, if materialists will be thre.

    But, I'm sure, the functionality should be superb as is being advertised that it's superior/better than Dish....

    Grateful, if all the requisite details are first furnished at my e-mail address under reference and oblige.

    Malik, Jagdish
    Delhi : India
    5th October, 2009 at 11.05 pm

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    Tata Sky price is going to remian unchanged, Tata Sky+ price will come back to its original after diwali as of Tata Sky+ its website gives a demo of its features and Tata Sky channels are good in clarity you will have to check the demo with any of your friends who own a Tata Sky.

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    Well If consider Tata Sky price, I think Tata Sky is quite costly due to their costly base pack and costly ala-carte.

    First their base packs doen not have many important channels. due to which a subscriber is forced to take ala-carte pack as most of the channels are in ala-carte only like...Colors 9X, ndtv imagine, Bindass, zoom and many more...

    Second their is no sports channels in base pack for which again a subscriber is forced to subscribe as sports pack which again increase their monthly cost and put extra burden of money on their shoulders.

    And Tata Sky plus already a very costly product with costly monthly and ala-carte pack and after diwali it will be more costly.

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    These costs and quality debates are endless.

    Avid / staunch supporters on either side insist that their's is a better service.

    Closing thread ...
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