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Tata Sky got maximum votes

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    Thumbs up Tata Sky got maximum votes

    Hi friends,

    Tata Sky has got the maximum votes for its service.

    "Which one is the best"... Here are the results till (24.8.2008 , 12:15 PM): -

    Which one is the best?

    Tata Sky 48.63%

    Dish TV 28.77%

    SUN TV 17.81%

    DD direct plus 4.79%

    146 Total votes

    Thats great...
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    I have told you in PMs and on the forum aswell again and again. We dont alow advertising the way you are doing it.
    If you want to advertise your site you are most welcome to have it in your signature.

    I will have to delete your id if I see any more threads like this one. I am not a watch dog here... Ive got better things to do then keep a watch on every post you write here.


    Its good that you have started a forum but this is not how a forum gets a start up. You need to look into the seo aspect of your site.

    I checked your site and its has a lot of fundamental flaws.. I can start up a new seo section for you if you want and we can have a detaild discussion on how you can improve your search engine results.
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    But dear friend my signeture is not shown with my posts

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    I have provided you the link to this thread twice before and this is the third time.

    Did you not go through it before?

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    Rules of the forum are simple:

    a) No advertising
    b) No links to sites that advertise products
    c) No personal propoganda (OK in signature as per new rules)
    d) No racism / regionalism / politics / hatred / terrorism linked posts (except news)
    e) No spam

    The list could go on but everybody is wise to know what is appropriate or not. Sometimes unknowingly we post something 'objectionable' and this could be removed with a note (PM) to the poster not to do this again. Repeated mistakes are construed to be rule breaking and then unfortunately actions are taken.
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