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    Default What is the differnce 1MB Bradband VS 1MB Leased line ?

    What is the differnce 1MB Bradband VS 1MB Leased line ?
    Wht will be the single session downloading speed ..if i have 512 1:2 leased line connection ..
    Thank you in anticipation

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    On a 1mbps leased line both the upload and download speed will be 1mbps and you would also get a static ip and is normally recomended for businesses which rely on the net connection to cunduct business on a daily basis. Some businesses also use leased lines for voip calls.

    A normall broadband connection be it adsl, cable or wimax or anything is not a dedicated connection. Generally has a dunamic ip which changes frequently.

    It really depends what you are trying to achive with your 512kbps leased line...
    That 512kbps leased line would give 512kbps speed.. If this is not what you asked please elaborate or rephrase your question.

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