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Need Help configuring a belkin router for my Tata Wimax connection

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    Default Need Help configuring a belkin router for my Tata Wimax connection

    Hi there,

    I have recently purchased a Belkin 'g' wireless router to use with my tata indicom wireless router. I have gone through the set-up program, entered PPoE as my connection type and gave the username and password I usually use for the web dialer. But the router was not able to connect to the internet.

    I went to the advanced settings and copied my machine MAC id to the router, but still it's not able to connect.

    Any suggestions?

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    Dear Shibilikr,

    PPoE will not work for Tata Wimax. Your router should be set for DHCP and you will have to go through the web dialer page.

    However, if you have a postpaid / Unlimited plan you can call tata helpdesk and request for the static IP. It takes 1 hour for them to do so. Once you have the static IP you may set your router for static IP and you will be able to bypass the web dialer page.

    Trust me, Tata wimax without web dialer is just tooo good. (I have a free of cost static IP)

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