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Need Help Tata Wimax Hyderabad

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    Default Need Help Tata Wimax Hyderabad

    i had a tata wireland service and everything was fine i used to get 50ms ping from server.but they came and installed wimax and i dunno wat to now the net is going slow and it increases and decreases so iam having problems to download and they gave an unnamed router but in the router page its given outdoor cpe wimax modem.i dunno wat to do with the modem i get so angry that i throw it away.if some one can help me pelase help...

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    Dear Smackdownn,

    Wimax has its own limitations. Bandwidth depends on signal and as you must be aware it can fluctuate.
    Having said that, your speed should not fluctuate more than + or - 10 KBps. The router they have provided can be used to check the signal strenghts (Its fun). Call your Tata helpdesk and have them help you to access your router settings.

    As far as Modem is considered, it can be used for making a NAS drive. Also, if your speed fluctuates too often, tata rep should come to your place and arrange your antenna.

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