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Tata Indicom WOES!

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    Default Tata Indicom WOES!

    I got a tata indicom flash 384 plan but realized I needed static ip for it to be of any use to me. Their online itnerface to change plans is useless and doesn't work! So I made a request for changing the plan.

    That was 2 months back. After about 20 emails and 20 phone calls later I got a call that my plan has been changed. I saw in my account and it shows my plan as a "Power" plan which comes with a static IP. To my amazement though I was still getting a dynamic IP. I sent an email again.

    Now they are telling me that I have to pay Rs. 2000 extra to get a static IP but that is "refundable". The money will be added to my "account balance" but I can never get it back as cash! So that's what refundable means for them. I've really lost hope with them!

    ON the brighter side - the connection is good and fast for surfing and I've never had downtimes.

    And juz now I got a call that I have used 66 GB last month and that if I cross 70GB my line will be disconnected! The B#(%terds !! So what if I used 66 GB it's still under their "unlimited" limit of 70 gb !

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    Please please... I request anyone whos taking this connection please do not take it...
    I stay in bangalore... my plan is 256kbps unlimited plan which i took 1 year back
    In the initial stages i used to get 80 kbps speed with which i was happy...
    from last six mnths i am amazed to see that my speed never crosses 30kbps.. (at max 40 kbps). when i called custome care they say that there may be a pbm with the site ur downloading...(actually my cousin is downloading it with some other connection at a speed of 2mbps)... so, i felt this is high timw for me to change the connection... planning to take some other... can anyone suggest a good ISP with unlimited plan around 1200Rs... TIA

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