For all those who cannot connect tikona dialer in windows 7 for wireless connection,
this will automatically connect your connection wirelessly

first go to
Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center
2.setup a new connection or network
3.Manually connect to wireless network.
network name: tikonawifi
security type: wpa2-enterprise
encryption type: AES
security key: blank

4.change connection settings
security type WPA2-ENTERPRISE
Encyprition type: AES
Choose a network authentication method
microsoftrotected EAP(PEAP)
then go to settings: uncheck validate server certificate
select authentication methiod: secured password(EAP-MSCHAP V2)
select configure: uncheck all press OK,
click on advanced settings
802.1x settings
specify authentication mode: select user authentication
enter your credentials
user name:1109093029
802.11 settings unchek all
all done now connect from your network named tikonawifi