Tikona Digital Networks, after
spending close to Rs 600 crore
on spectrum and licence in
Gujarat, is pulling all stops to
launch next generation for data
downloads. Company is expected
to introduce 4G in Gujarat in
next one and a half years. After
4G's introduction, a 5 mb song
can be downloaded in fractions
of a second. Broadband speed
under this technology is
expected to be around 10 mbps
while under 3G it stands at 2
"We had paid Rs 1,058 crore, or
8% of a pan India BWA licence
for spectrum in Gujarat, Uttar
Pradesh (east and west),
Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh
in June last year. For Gujarat
alone, we have paid around Rs
600 crore," said Heramab
Ranade, head of marketing,
Tikona Digital Networks.
Tikona presently offers wired
broadband services in
Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Rajkot
and Surat. "It has been a year
now (of their presence in
Gujarat). Now the future is
wireless technology and we have
won spectrum as well as licence
for 4G or LTE in Gujarat.
We expect to launch its services
in next 18 months," said Ranade.
Targeting the youth and
broadband users of Gujarat,
Tikona will offer 4G services on
computers as well as mobile
"Under 4G, the speed will be
tremendous. Data can be
downloaded at 10 mbps with
prices remaining competitive," he
said. According to Ranade,
penetration of computers and
broadband internet are set
increase with introduction of 4G
in the market.
"In coming years, people will be
dependent on internet and so
broadband penetration in India
is expected to shoot up," he said.