Let me invite all your attention to my post on the same subject, post dated 4 th Nov 2011, Tikona's reply dt on same day, their further reply with bill dated 10th Nov 2011. (My rejoinder to this bill post , as saying it was wrong is still not responded by Tikona. In between someone came on phone and I aske them to send me the correct bill, for which they said yes, but still continue to bill wrongly and defying all normal norms. )

From Tikona's reply to my previous posts it is quite self explanatory and self evident from their own reply that they were wrong. I had asked for a revised correct bill. But ignoring and defying that they have again sent an inflated unjustifiable bill to me. for this month also and accumulating the earlier amount also.

The main problem is that they are not responding and not keeping any lines of communication available in this regard.

They play a one sided game.

I seek the forum readers to suggest the next suitable course to get my problem redressed at a still higher level in government or other statutory bodies. I pray better sense prevails for Tikona at least now.

I am quoting their reply in this forum to my previous thread as below

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We are grateful that your service request was brought to our attention and we appreciate your perseverance in settling this matter. Our billing team has gone through the details and as per there update ,account is terminated you will be receiving Bill on prorated basis, outstanding is Rs 939.40 the description is as follow,
As you have raised disconnect request on 09/02/2011 but the usages is till 10/6/2011 hence this disconnection request will not be consider.
The outstanding is calculated as follow,
15 Sep to 14 Oct ----- Rs 536.98
15 Oct to 09 Nov ----- Rs 403 (On prorate basis)
Please feel free to contact us on 1-800 209 4276 to provide us any feedback regarding our service our Customer Care associate will be glad to assist you.

Tikona Services


I seek Tikona and also the forum of Indiabroadband. net to pay attention to this matter and advise me further course for redressal of my problem.