I asked and paid for tikona home broadband connection on 12th Dec 2011 , Rs 1250 to Mr Rahul.
Mr. Rahul promised me , that I would be sent the UserID & password by SMS & Connection would be done by an engineer in 1 day, ie 13-dec 2011.
In the evening of 13-Dec when no SMS & no engineer showed up, I tried to contact Mr Rahul again several times, but he stopped answering my calls.
Later, Mr Nilesh calls me up and tells me that, the connection will be done by tomorrow(14th dec) and accepts the rude behaviour of Mr Rahul.
On 14th I waited till evening, tried calling Mr Nilesh, I'm being told that he is having lunch & will call back. An hour later after receiving no callback, I try reaching him again, this time I'm told that He is in a meeting & cannot attend to me. Nobody answers me on his number too later.
I would have called them a total of 40 times, no answer!
According to Customer Care (1800-209-4276), my account has not even been created and Mr Rahul has not even paid the amount I paid him.
This is atrocious!
If this goes on I will be forced to take legal action against your company and all parties involved at any cost.
At the beginning itself they act like they don't care about your customer, I cant imagine what is going to happen in future.
I just want my money back, the same way they took it.

Amount Paid: 1250Rs
Payment Date: 12th Dec 2011
Paid to: Mr Rahul ( 9595914106 )
Other person contacted: Mr Nilesh (020-30483413)
Payment Reciept Application Number: 50000018317158
Sale Executive ID: 50000558
My Adress:
201, Chhajed Glory, Viman Nagar, Pune 411014, MH, IN
My Phone Number: 8793246037

- Akash Subramaniam