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Which provider should i use?

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    Question Which provider should i use?

    Hi All,
    First of all, am new to this forum. I am planning to get a new broadband connection. I am staying in outskirst of the Pune city - in Baner so to say, by Mumbai-Banglore Bypass. I checked with BSNL, but they do not have infrastructure in this outskirt. I am using Reliance (prepaid) Netconnect, but its very slow, sporadic and works (if at all) in a corner of the house.
    Which one should I get? Options - BSNL WLL, Tikona, Tata.
    I am looking for broadband connection. Thnx.

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    My Experience with Tata Photon-Tata Dokomo-Tata Sky and Tata Nano has not been very pleasent....Not sure what is quality of steel that gets made from Tata Steel and going by overall Tata Products, I am sure that all software that gets coded at TCS to be Junk only.

    To answer your question - there are a lot of factor that needs to be factored in while choosing.

    BSNL : So Good so long as it lasts. Forget the notion of Customer service and be ready to wait for a min of 2 weeks to get a connection

    Airtel - Awesome Cutomer Service however if fast moving to FUP thingy and not very cost effective. Fast doing away with Unlimited Usage Plans.

    Tikona : If the connection in your area is good, go for them however customer service is as pathetic as it gets. Members from other ISP's can correct if I am wrong; but I dont think any ISP provides as pathetic a customer service as them.

    Plus Side
    1. Call Tikona Ppl to give a test connection to your house and see for yourself as to the speed. The ability to get a Demo is not provided by any other ISP.So that's a big plus.
    2. The Plans are affordable and good and generally you get the speed that is stated in your plans. If they say, you will get 2MBPS speed, you will get that speed. This again is a huge plus.

    1. Customer Service
    2. Customer Service
    3. Customer Service
    4. The Coverage might not be there in your area

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    I will recommend wired broadband over wireless anyday. Since BSNL is out of question for you, I will recommend Reliance (check whether available) or Tata.

    Choose Wimax only if no other option is available.
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