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Bad experiene with tikona they just don' care in chennai

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    Default Bad experiene with tikona they just don' care in chennai

    I am using tikona 4g for the last one month the speed is very good. But in my area when there is apower outage, i find it blinks and does not come back. I sent screenshots regularly, daily to them, till now no action. Today 30th june when i lost my temper the engineer tells me they will replace the inverter/battery on monday 2nd july !!! Every time i send an email, i get a standard template reply. Their so called manager s nair is sucha busy man that when you send him a mail about it, pat comes a template reply that he will take 48 hours to respond !!

    Wow what a company, but i must say their speed is good, but their service is horrible. Their management is the worst i have seen. The person from chennai gets instructions from the back and i can hear them saying forget it.. We will see on monday !!!

    Mr s nair the big boss can't help, not reachable, nor anybody else...s dot nair at tikona dot in. I suggest that all of us who are having this kind of crap problems should bombard him with emails.

    I am willing to be quoted, and i will face the consequences. They are taking us for a ride.....

    R murli dhar chennai my id is 110 6400 132 and i don't care who knows it.


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    Default Tikona Services

    "Hello Sir

    We thank you for your mail.

    We have saved your details in our database, and forwarded them along with your grievance to the concerned Department. At Tikona Services, we try our utmost to keep you? our customers? satisfied. After all you are the reason and the very purpose of our existence. However, we realize that it is not possible for a brand to stay true to every customerís expectations. But as we said, we will do our utmost.

    Please be patient and help us serve you better.

    Thank You,
    Tikona Services"

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    "Dear one/s,

    Hi this is to inform you that my Tikona ID is 1105357436 and I want to thank Mr.Vishal Deshmukh from TIKONA who resolved my connection problem today date upto my satisfactory level,
    Thanks Mr. Vishal Deshmukh/Mumbai

    Thanks & Regards
    Romu Sood"

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    Tikona says 4G in their advertisements but they don't even deliver 2G speeds. I had a similar experience with Tikona three months back and now I have switched to BSNL.

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    "Dear Mr. Murli Dhar,

    We are grateful that your service request was brought to our attention and we appreciate your perseverance in settling this matter. Our team has gone through the details, and as per their update team is working on your connectivity issue and they will keep you posted. Please feel free to contact us on 1-800 209 4276 to provide us any feedback regarding our service our Customer Care associate will be glad to assist you""

    Tikona services."

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    They are the robbers.

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