You can include all the worst things in the world to the review title. Absolutely worst company in every aspect and not only for internet service provider.
The sole purpose of Tikona is to leech out customer’s money by means every imaginable way.

This is what happened to me. Request you to read with patience.
I moved from mumbai to noida and After seeing fliers displaying ’499 kbpd unlimited’ around my area and seeing their wifi routers some of my societies terrace,

i decided to go for tikona ( worst decision of my life )
Called the contact nos on fliers, somebody from tikona came to my place after 2-3 days. He showed me a very beautiful picture of tikona service. I decided totake a trial for a month. I wanted to go for unlimited plan.

Now read this, I asked that person repeatedly about unlimited plan. He assured me that it was indeed unlimited plan (512kbps). Infact he lured me to go for quarterly plan (3 months in advance).

I took plan 512 kbps unlimited for 750 rs/month and paid 2000 rs in cash (2 months rent+1 month free, 500 rs for connection). Remember, he told me that it was unlimited plan.

The connection was done in 10-12 days that too after callling customer care almost 2 times a day. Despite promise to visit on the same day, nobody was visiting for 3-4 days.
Finally it was started, the speed was ok. I was getting like 40-50 kbps downloading speed. Connection going on/off was very frequent and frustrating, but i still continued since i had already paid in advance.

After 15-20 days the speed was reduced to 5-10 kbps. I waited for 2-3 days thinking was some temporary problem. Finally i called customer care. ( although you have to wait like 15-20 min everytime before anybody answers, since they are too "busy" ).

They send engineer to check the connection. They told me nothing else, but just casually expressed that it could be a connection issue.
Engineer came and checked, and announced that the plan has changed to a "secondary policy" !!!!!!

I heard this term for the first time. He educated me and told that there is a "fair usage policy" of 25 GB and if it crossed then plane changes secondary plan and whichi is "upto" 512 kbps and min 150 kbps.

I was never told about this at the time of taking a new connection, despite asking repeatedly only about this !!!
Well it was ’upto’, but i never got this much speed. Actually it looked like max 150 kbpd ( I was getting 5-10 kb download speed ), even google search takes around 1-2 mins. It was so frustrating since i was not albe to even browse, forget downloading.
Now customer care informed that it will automatically change again to primary policy once the month is over.
The connection was started on 25th May.

So after a month i again waited for 2-3 days, there was no improvement. I called again customer care on around 29-30
Jun. The reiterated the same "Temporary connection issue" and send engineer.
Once again he checked and told its still secondary plan. Upon calling customer care he told me that monthly plans starts from 7 of each month. NOTHING was mentioned about this while taking connection.

I got very furious, but i had no choice, since they already tricked me to pay 3 months in advance.
Meanwhile i was getting frustrating speed of 5-10 kbpd, and here this.. they told me that since its unlimited plan, i can download as much as i want. They are not going to charge additional !!!!

Meanwhile they arranged a ’tikona camp’ in our soceity to fraud some more innocent people.
There was area manager
Name : Anubhav Varshney (mob no: 9873280777)
and some of his ’CID’ team ( i will tell you why ’CID’ )
After explaining my issue, he told me that all of their employees or whoever comes to install the system are aware about Seconday policy and fair usage policy etc and they must had explained me about it, when i denied, He asked one of his CID team member to call the person who installed tikona at my home.

He started like "i am from noida and want tikona, unlimited blah blah" on speaker phone and started asking questions about plans. He reminded me a lot about "Daya" from ’CID’. The person at opposite end indeed was not having any idea about fair usage policy etc.

So either Tikona deliberately asked him to be ignorant about these or tikona itself is fraudulent that they are not even educating their own representative and telling lies to even them.

So the area manager announced that it was not at all acceptable and assured me to get it rectified. He called 2-3 persons also and described the incident. He also gave me his email ID and asked me to send the email describing the problem ( his email id : )
I believed in him since he looked educated and well professional man.
I emailed him about the issue. ( actually 4-5 times, but there was not a single reply or acknowledge from him )

Meanwhile I waited for 7th July and waited 2 more days.
As expected there was absolutely no improvement in the service. I repeated the same procedure. Called customer care, got ’temporary connection problem’ answer, and now they sent a top engineer, who would definately resolve the issue.
Once again he visited my house, spend around 1 hours, checked system and connection etc, made some calls and announced as follows.

The plan was actully quaterly and fair usage of 25 GB applies for a quarter and NOT for a month. So i should wait for 3 months ( Actully 3 and a half month, since i took the plan on 25th of month and their billing plan starts from 7th of each month ). And primary plan now would be activated from 7th september, till that time i should enjoy unlimited downloading at 5 kbps ???!!!!!!

Thats it guys...... Do you want to hear more.. everytime they gave wrong information and revealing the truth one by one.

Finally i decided to get it disconnected. I asked them to do the same. Now they started calling and asking for the ’REASONS’ for which i decided to get rid of tikona. Their tone was totally changed. They even offered some good plans at discounted rates and etc. I denied and asked for disconnection and refund.

Finally, one fine day, it stopped working. It was at around 15 July, Means i used it only for 1 and a half month, by paying 2000 rs and downloaded some 30 GB. I checked the nos of time i complained / asked for service, it was around 25 times.
And believe it or not people, once their engineer leaves the house, you immediately get an SMS saying "we have successfully resolved your problem, thanks for contacting tikona" !!!!!!!!! and the complains were closed.

Its almost a month now and i am still waiting to get my refund of Rs 293. Also nobody is visitng my place for collecting their wifi instrument.

Once again guys, never ever go for Tikona. I nearly had mental breakdown many times in those 2 months. They have worst costomer care, totally fraudunt plans, worst connection speed etc.
You have to wait for atleast 15-20 mins everytime while calling customer care, and if you raise your voice just a little (out of frustration ofcourse), they would immediately disconnect the phone without saying anything. Then you have to go through the same procedure.

I am no waiting for a phone call and refund from Tikona.

One more thing. I have not received any official email about disconnection and final settlement amount or final bill. I am worried they are playing another game, after reading about other reviews. They might deliberately send me a bill or something with some erroneous amount.

Meanwhile i have taken another broadband and i am really happy till now. Its working same as they promised before.

Thanks and Regards,