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Things to know about Tikona before Subscribing

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    Default Things to know about Tikona before Subscribing

    I would like to make people aware of the fraudster internet service provided Tikona. Firstly they make all promises which are never kept. their service engineers don't even know to find faults and resolve queries. In My case i started with Tikona on 10th of September 2012. after 2 days my internet was installed. the same day every time i logged in with my user ID and password and when i opened a webpage it logged me out and asked for username and password again. i called the service engineer the same day. for the next 3 days he came to my house but the issue was not resolved. i gave 3 service complains but the issue was not resolved. i was not able to use internet at all. i could not take it any more and i called to disconnect my service on the 19th of September. the service person asked me to send email to customer care. I send My first email asking to disconnect my service on 28th September. i unplugged all the cables and hung it outside my house. i received the first bill. i called customer care and i told them that i have asked to disconnect my service as i am not able to use it and their service engineers are not able to fix the issue. they kept promising that i will receive calls from someone which never happened. Every time i call them they keep telling that i have to send email. on 12th Nov 2012 i send another email asking to disconnect my service. still there was no reply. i kept receiving bills and this time with usage. i called customer care that the connection is removed and is hanging outside my house so how can there be usage. they kept telling me that i have to pay my bill. i asked for a supervisor but never got one. Looks like their supervisors are always busy doing nothing. asked for a callback from a supervisor but that never happened. l never paid that bill as i did not received any call from tikona as they promised. In Jan 2013 i received a call to collect all the equipment. the equipment was collected and i got a receipt for the equipment collected by tikona. in the month of Jan 2013 i received a call from Tikona stating that i will have to pay 2122 else there will be legal proceedings. I did not want to waste more time and paid off the amount. I called Tikona and and asked for a letter of closure. they said we will send one as you have paid all the amount. That letter never came till today. However i received a bill for Rs 217/-. i called customer care and informed of this bill. they informed me to ignore the bill. I have no trust on tikona. i sent an email asking for a letter of closure of account. Lets see if i receive it or not. In my Experience with Tikona i have received nothing but false promises, negligence, fraudulent charges, incompetent service engineers, Incompetent customer care, Unreliable and unstable network, Lack of ownership and lack of responsibility to assist customers.

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    Thanks , I was looking for Tikona , but due to your post , at least I will not go for Tikona

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    @Frazer Xavier

    Did you receive the letter from Tikona? I hope the matter is closed for good now.

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