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Tikona – Go For It!

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    Default Tikona – Go For It!

    Hello friends,

    I have been using Tikona from past 1 - 2 Years and I found their service very good. The Complaints get attended ASAP. The Speed is Pretty Good.The Engineers & Service People are Friendly. They have good Plans. I would recommend people who are facing connectivity issues with your current internet broadband provider, then you must try Tikona broadband’s connection.

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    Such a fake review. I do not understand why Tikona do this, simply pointless.

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    Yeh Tikona advertising, shoot and scoot kejriwal stylo. One post and then these posters are never to be seen again. I think these kind of threads are bringing disrepute to Tikona if they have any reputation left ie.

    I wonder who recruited these people and what experience they have. I wrote a detailed post a few days ago on one of such Tikona threads but these people wont stop. They come here and create new ids and then just post one new thread and then never be seen again.

    Here is another thread I disected a few days ago :
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