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Tikona Broadband High Tariffs

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    Default Tikona Broadband High Tariffs

    Ive noticed out of all the isp's in India, Tikona broadband are the most costliest. As compared to some isp's they are charging double the amount the same broadband speed and yet their services have been reviewed as being the worst. You would think that if a company gets such bad reviews they would lower their tariff rates or even have the rates at reasonable prices, but Tikona has stuck to their normal plans with their own prices, which are way ahead costly than other isp's.

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    Ive noticed to that Tikona charge a lot more than what normal isp's do....why is it? Its not like their service has been praised or anything!

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    Yep their tariff rates are quite high and yet the reviews from customers are awful. I think maybe Tikona should consider bringing down their tariff charges.

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