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Toyota Vitz/Yaris

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    Default Toyota Vitz/Yaris

    What do you think about Toyota Vitz/Yaris? I've a got a used one from Japan since 2012. It looks like this photo, but with a metallic grey paint.07-Toyota-Yaris-3door.jpg
    I will probably change it next year, for something similar. Once I had an accident with it but the other car was damaged, not mine! It's quite robust. It speaks in Japanese.

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    It's also got a built-in GPS inside the little box on the left. You need a special DVD to insert on the player at the center, and there is a screen that shows you the road to your destination, in a very simple virtual world. You can also use it to watch movies and of course, listen to music. The directions are in Japanese though. In case you power down your battery for some time, you will get locked out of that system, and you cannot use the radio anymore. To unlock it, you need some specific sequence with the wiper and lights that reboots the radio, and you also need a password that you input on the keyboard. Actually, in that case, it's just simpler to replace the radio.

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