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Holiday: You Own Ultimate Treasure

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    Default Holiday: You Own Ultimate Treasure

    ‘Holiday’ – ‘WOW’ – Great and Ultimate Word. There is nothing wrong if someone says “I need holiday for a lifetime.” It is very desirable. Every one welcomes holidays – Students from school with hilarious joy, headmasters to relax and prepare their lessons, Businessman to be away from tension, serviceman and everyone.

    Holiday is needed at regular intervals for rest, recreations and to bring relaxation in life especially young people and all those who are engaged in hard mental and Physical work. This is because today everyone is continuously engaged in work without a break which caused injuries to health and may be sometimes cause a nervous break-down, therefore at that times, a short holiday even proves very helpful.

    After a day of rest, one gets back to work with renewed zest and vigor.

    But if holidays seem to be so pleasing there are surely some side effects too. For some people, holiday can be curse; the examples are those who spent the holiday time in stupid idleness or in an exhausting round of exciting amusement like drinking or playing in close stuff rooms or in any other unhealthy way which is really uninterested. Such way causes very much harm instead of doing well, even much more than steady work could ever do. Someone can get himself into deep trouble like depression, bad mood, behavior etc.

    So one can plan that how the holiday can be best used so that at the end of day, one shall come back to work with energies renewed and interest keener than ever in his/her life.

    Students should get away into the pure and open air enjoying games and sports. People can also enjoy their holiday by playing and having fun in amusement parks.

    So if we get a chance to have a holiday, make it memorable by creating memories for yourself and for your loved ones around you. Stay in the moment and don’t dwell on past occasions. Don’t worry about your financial conditions, the time is not a constant factor, life keeps on changing and so should you. One should take interest in what he or she is doing and make it not only enjoyable but also healthier.

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    Whenever I hear the word "Holidays" mentioned, I am reminded of my school days when almost every academic year, on the reopening day the teacher used to ask us to write an essay on " How you spent the summer holidays" and every time I used to write about an imaginary visit to some exotic tourist place. The same practice continued with my daughters also. I hope at least now, the teachers are more innovative and give other topics to students.

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