If you are traveling human species than knowing a countries political traits and ways is really going to help you.

India- Corruption takes its place as prime in most sectors. Mostly Government sector. It starts from a local police man to high ministers. It is said Rich country with poor people. But India is no problem still for anyone. The laws are formed with accordance and being a democracy i hope you understand who rules.
Chile-The police here are less paid still but less corrupted. Never try handing out notes to police because it might turn the tables on to you and you will be arrested.

USA- Corruption free in most general views. Its systematic and well organized country. Corruption at high-levels only. Not at small level.

Switzerland- If you are an anti-corrupted organ than this is your friends place. Bottoms the list for corruption and is totally a corrupted free country.

Sweden also is a Non-corrupted place.

other countries like Uk and other developed nations do have upto some stage corruption. Some countries are worst in corruption like middle east ones as they have high political influence. Also dictatorship countries like Libya isnít peopleís choice country. Here King rules his ways. Bribes often take place to loosen matter and to form their beneficial acts and laws. But while traveling dont be under impression that if you hand out some few more $$$ you can get through. Some countries which are cultural or like quiet small Sweden,Philippines,Switzerland can get you into real deep trouble.

Its better to travel in treaties or pacts made countries like European Union or nations which formulate certain treaties and sign some affiliates. This can ease your legality process. Avoid dangerous places or regions. Be safe anywhere. Try knowing a countries brief history and political insight before getting thrilled or adventurous.