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Places of visit in Kenya and tanzania

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    Default Places of visit in Kenya and tanzania

    At capital of Kenya Nairobi you can visit various museums too. The famous leakey family have collected ancient tribal things and historic things related to fossils and is collected from almost of Eastern Africa region. Utamaduni is the place to buy or shop for best handicrafts in Langata.

    Try your hands on Zanzibar spicy things which you can smell in advance or from a distance and a lot of bazaars are there in Zanzibar.

    Both this countries i found interesting in ancient things. Most early tribal civilizations and occupation is found here among black people living crazy sort of life. Making traditional handicrafts and selling to huge visitors like me was found. You will find many warriors and hunters bravely interacting their normal life with animals. Although its illegal killing any animal but government can reach out every part as usual and its a natural thing too.

    Buy good and fancy jewelry. people would dance on occasions freely drinking their type alcohol and merrily and unitedly dancing with their music.

    I had also visited Mombasa beach and relaxed on creamy white sands with umbrella covering me up. I took a boat easily available and went round the coast and saw sharks and dolphins and visited Zanzibar. My relative lived here and he was there to greet me and i was overjoyed. I had been cooled on beaches and scenery of small island east to tanzania and saw some spectacular trees and palm olives.

    At north of mombasa sea coast you can go specially go if you love diving to Watamu marine park and to Kilifi too. Boats and steamers are available at competitive prices.

    Kenya isn’t only flora and fauna but national parks and coral reefs with valleys and water or marine parks. Its interesting to o on national park which is on mountainous scale. So did i by leaving not a spot untraveled by me. At lakes and water sources you will surely find some animal or birds in groups waiting for you. Mombasa and Serengeti will interest kids if you are planning a family trip of this 2 countries.

    Kenya and tanzaniaThese countries with wild safari located on east of africa continent are the most preferred countries for traveling and visiting lions and elephants and other huge species of birds and animals. Located side by side and separated by a single boundary are great places of interest.

    Here you can side by also visit ancient craters, huge and largely covered grass lands, mountains and huge lakes for animals to drink and roam. You will be fully meddled with vast and beautiful natural scenery.

    You can have a short visit to Zanzibar, an island very near to tanzania. Here you will find cloves and many cinnamones all around island. If you feel yourself too weary with all this than you have yourself reserved for mombasa beach where you will be near to whales or shark which you can point out at near offshore. You can swim here in shores like zanzibar too. Zanzibar is a small paradise and you must surely visit it.

    Culture here has been diverse like many handicraft works and beautiful things made curiously and found very appreciating or good. You can buy this things from here at cheap prices and a memory is surely stored for this place.

    People are friendly with all new upcoming many visitors and are always pleased to show various dances and shows of their locality

    Kenya and Tanzania safari

    you must have heard of african or kenyan safari in books or saw it on some TV but reality is quite lively here. In its traditional language Swahili safari means nothing but travel or journey and this is true at every angle with romance,adventure and thrills.

    You can go to Amboseli National park at mount kilimanjaro in kenya to see huge herds of animals and a lot of population of elephants. Kenyas one of the famous place is masai-mara and at this place you will locate many lions,elephants,hippos,rhinos,buffalo and leopard and other small animals too. So you can imagine how masai mara is famous all over world.

    There is much more than this lions and elephants or wild cheetahs, you will see crocodiles and alligators on banks of rivers like of mara and telak where you can be alerted and see all this rare wild water life.

    I visited a huge lake Niavasha which abodes home to more than 300 species of birds which you can go easily.

    On the other side of Kenya, tanzania you can visit serengeti to find wildbeest,zebras and other species animals in abundance.
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