Toronto in Canada

I lived in Toronto for three months back in 2002 and to be honest there isint much to see there except for niagra falls which is about two hours from toronto.There are a bit of clubbing there but I didint really like it there as compared to UK as crowd isint that much lively in Toronto and most of the time you will see young people only on the dance floors with middle aged people virtually non existant for some reason, May be because Canada is a young nation probbably or older people find some other things to do or just hang around in pubs which are not in plenty either.

I did see a lot of pool joints there in Toronto which are missing in the UK so that was where I saw the non clubbing croud and thats where they hang around I guess as opposed to going clubbing and sweating a bit in the evenings.

At toronto nights are a bit dull as compared to European cities and even american.Food is cheap and if you are from Europe you will find it funny how cheap resturants and coffee shops are as compared to back home.Petrol hoovers around $1 canadian per litre which is again a lot cheaper then Europe so hiring a car is a good option if you love driging around along the countryside.

I will write more about Canada some other time in more detail when I find some time till then please feel free to join the forums.