Shopping at Malaysia

I was few months back at Malaysia.malaysia is nowadays booming with travel and tourism.I stayed at Kuala lumpur for a few days.There is much inflow of foreigners and most people travel with planning of visiting both malaysia and singapore.Singapore is also very good city.These are small countries.In malaysia you can reach one end to another in just 3 hours!

Many gadgets and electronics are there stuffed in markets.Cultural markets are also there.Beaches are attractions here.Here you can find easy transport to Singapore and indonesia.ofcourse you have regular flights to international destinations.There are huge malls all lightened up with lights and crowds.Singapore is the same.There are 5 star hotels and world famous tallest petronas towers.Its not much like corrupted thailand where corruption rate is high.

Currency-Singapore $= US $0.65

Malaysian currency=malaysian ringget= US $0.29

Many travel companies will have grand packages to here generally 5-6 nights.Going by Star Virgo is a unique experience which departs from Mumbai,India.One of the finest 5 star ship.