Travel France

Brief-France is one of the memorable places.Its a location drawing one of the highest number of tourists.The wonder eiffel tower is situated here in paris and its really huge than its seen in photos.When you stand under it we feel great sensation and its quite huge and tall.There are different floors.

France is 2 hours ferry ride from London and its near england.A dominant part of Europe and nation of eurozone which includes 12 nations abonding there currencies and adopting euro as there currency.Even francs is accesible and euro too.France is gastronomical center.Here you are bound to find great wines and cuisines and pizzas.It gave the world champagne and casseroles.They are master cooks.Lots to drink and eat.The beaches here are great and spring times is ideal time to visit france.The alps in france are sporty and in winters its an attraction as sports like skeing take place.people here from mid-july(from 15 july) till 30 august or ends of august and starting of spetember have fun.That is shut there homes and go out to mountains and beaches and have great time.

The atlantic ocean has a major effct on the northwest of france.The weather of france is generally mild.The southern france has meditterian sea effect.

France connects you to whole of europe by bus,rail and air.Paris and other cities like strasbourgh,bordeaux,marsellie,nice,etc link you to all international destinations to any continent.Air france is one major airlines.The rail line is also very good.Here fast TGV which are world famous operate here.The main hub of rail is paris.From france you can go to any european country by train and booking can be done online.Buses are slow and a bit uncomfortable but more cheaper than train and they also link to all european destinations.Bookings can be done by many travel agents who are here.Ferry services take you to UK,irelend.That too is good.

France is a nice good cultural country.visit once.