Italy is a beautiful landscape country.One of the finest place people have stayed including myself.I would recommend everyone to include Italy in its european tour along with spain,greece and famous france.These all countries are part of european union and that gives a advantage for foreigners and visitors to have Euro everywhere in these countries.Rome which is it’s capital is a beautiful country.In this beautiful landscape you can see from ruins of medevial period to snowy alps.

Rome(capital),Milan,naples,turin are its major cities having populatin is millions.Italy is not more than 60 million population.Most people here are catholic and apart Roman catholic more than one-third of population.In Rome you will see Renaissance art.The St. peter’s Basilica is the largest church.Its a wonderful huge church.A huge christian church has been magnificiantly built.Fat that pope(christian religious head) lives over here. Visit medivial period hills and admire its natural scenery gifted to italy.The hills and plains of italy are superb.Even skiing in alps is an important sports in italy.It draws a huge crowd and people in large number support it.There are many adventurous sports that take place in italy in alps during winter,defined as winter sports.In italy,another sport is football that people are mostly after.they are huge fans of football.Venice is also a beautiful planned city.See the churches and canals.

Italy was the founder of pizza and so you can know well what quality of food and especially pasta and pizza they serve.They have best quality pizza’s and wines,which will leave you lip smacking.Even there is very good shopping here.You can buy various apparatus of good quality in italy.

Spring is best time to visit iitaly.As i told you italy is gifted with one of the most beautiful scenery,that will be proved perfectly because the natural scenery truly blossoms out in this season.Even climate is moderate.Budget flights are hood to travel in italy.Even you can have bus,but its uncomfortable and good if you have time for train.The currency rates are good.The best is to have ATM because most places have ATM centers and they are accepted at most places.You just need few Euros to carry.