Middle east has its own way of traveling.Itís mostly desert excepting few places worth traveling.Its survival what i think is majority on its rich oil ores.Saudi arabia is the biggest country in Middle east region.It is Islamic nation.And major land is desert here.But some very good oil ores.Avoid going to any middle east country during summer including Saudi arabia.Coastal regions will have high humidity and scorching sun.Best to visit in Winter months like November-february.Avoid islamic holidays like ramazan because its difficult to get even meals and rates are all way high.

Saudi arabias capital is Riyadh.Its currency is Saudi Riyal.Riyadh is a big metro with population of 30 lakhs(3 millions).There are lots of muslims specialities to eat and enjoy.Remember do not try offencing there islamic religion because all this middle east counyties are staunch islamic and can prove dangerous to your personal security.

Mecca is a world famous Islamic pilgrimage,the birth place of prophet mohammed.During hajj period,there is a lot of crowd and transport and other prices rise here.The holiest place considered in Islam is Mecca.But non-muslims arenít allowed to enter here too close inside.Jeddah is nearby Mecca only.

Habalah is a village in saudi arabia and its worth seeing.It is fully ancient arabia by architecture and looks.In saudi arabia you would see islamic carvature and architecture.Water problem is acute at interior level and poverty till remians.