Gold coast was my next point after short period in Brisbane.Gold coast is famous beach side place and you are sure to be in surfer’s paradise beach to met waves.Its Yahoo!(Unsophisticated,rude,unmannered).gold coast is fast developing coast.Gold coast is actually a strip of coast where at different points there are different beaches.You will generally see a rush of childrens in November-December for a local event schoolies week.Celebration is at seventh heaven.So try to bear some disturbance too!

Gold coast is made up of modern city-cum-beaches.It has parks,themes,beaches,malls,shopping,etc. everything to meet your demand.Gold coast is an international competetion beach point.Various surfing and water sports competeion are held every year and it’s worth seeing.In the mid of march there is Quick Silver pro-surfing competetion and you can watch some world best surfing rides of professionals.Not only surfing,you gave racing and marathon too.

The famous Lexmark Indy 300 race you catch day-night pure enthusiasm with formula 1 and V8 SUV”S speeding through surfer’s paradise,mermaid beach,miami and other places by passing.This is in october month.The Gold coast Airport marathon held in july where thousands of participants all round the world participate in gold coast run.Other festives are there except these ones too.