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Travel Thar desert India

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    Default Travel Thar desert India

    Thar desert is the Indian desert,a rusty dusty land receiving less than 20 cm of rainfall annually.It is in Rajasthan state of India.The capital of Rajasthan is Jaipur.Jaipur is also known as Pink city because you are likely to find many pink colored houses and constructions.Jaipur has some magnificent architecture like ‘hawa mahal’ and famous ‘Jantar mantar’.Rajasthan is the place of mahals and Rajasthan has been through out ruled by brave maharajas.Jaipur has some lakes and ancient palaces of the rulers.

    Thar desert is the indian desert.Owasis are the only relief places.Scarcity of water persists.But you would like a short camel ride here.Camel,the ship of the desert is the common means of transport in Thar or Rajasthan too.Its hot in rajasthan during summers and better to go during winter times.Rajasthan desert villages are old traditional villages,not changed anything.People with long moustaches will be found(well,that’ a true male’s identity!).

    There are various indian packages to rajasthan,preferably a visit to jantar mantar,Jaipur they will specify while traveling.But drive your own way to rajasthan and explore it a bit deep.Rajasthan is well connected with Road and rail.Rajasthan is an interesting state and a visit to it will know you better.

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    It's a good source of information.

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    I want to add few more like it's nice place to pamper yourself with royal stay at famous hotels like Jaipur palace in jaipur, Raja mansingh palace.
    I just love the rajasthani food.. , dance, people.. it's a best place to visit with family or friends

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