Ivory coast or what government there calls ‘Cote d’Ivoire’.Major alliance is France after ivory’s independence.They were the largest exporters of cocoa and coffee.Natural assets with this country are plenty but level of corruption is to high.

Capital city Yamoussoukro, a unique city of Africa it looks like.Lights and more funds given by earlier president than other cities.Remains of virgin forests are Tai national park.Huge trees,dense.A bit of wildlife and you will have to take permission to go through it,some bribe i suppose.Rainy and humid region so better to go in summer.Small streams and other natural scenery makes this place worth visiting.

Abidjan is another unattended city by the government.Some more national parks and places.Churches are well built earlier,as Christians are second to native Ivorian.Abidjan International airport is the only airport.Not many airlines fly,very few African airlines land here.Buses and minibuses are best options to travel.There are express trains to ghana,burkin faso and neighboring cross border cities but now unused by passengers.

The safety is the first risk you are always with while in Ivory coast.

Ivory coast

It would be unpleasant to visit ivory coast when you have plenty of other places.But as each country has its own identity,so has Ivory coast.It has beautiful coasts and natural scenery.A vivid african history,ancient art.mountains and all that beautiful words.But ivory coasts dark side is a major problem and knowing that practically,you will refuse to travel there.Hunger,poverty,frequent violence and insecurity are major problems.The violence,theft and burglary has become so common that many airlines and even UK embassy has stopped being there.A constant threat to anybody.

Capital city is Yamoussoukro.Population of 1.7 crores.But would be more than 2 crores because its African backward census.But Abidjan is the largest city.Though health problems are very acute.Large toxic waste was dumped in Abidjan,killing many people.The civil war going since 2002 has hindered ivory coasts economy a lot.Earlier Ivory has a record of 10% growth and was quite comparatively prosperous than other North-west African countries.

If you see Ivory coasts history,they were largest producers of cocoa and coffee.The temperature of ivory is hot and humid.Rainfall in June-may.There will be national parks and coastal villages and some monuments to see.Its always dangerous to wander in remote places in any african country.