The main thing i love about Egypt is its architecture which they only have the patent.Cairo is Egypt’s capital city.Busy,pollution and not proper discipline.Sub-urbabs do have mud brick houses but there is a lot of urbanity in this fast paced city.Like modern buildings and grand cars!Its better to visit it in winter,summers are hot.Water you know is always going to be costly.

Aswan i fell is more beautiful city.From here you can see the Nile river.There are markets and you can lay your hands at products available must visit Nubian museum and tombs of the nobles.Here is built the mighty Aswan high dam.Lake Nasser is another attraction.worlds largest artificial lake,Lake Nasser.Huge i ever seen.Looks like sea.

Abu simbel and Ramases temple are worth traveling.Now comes major attraction for traveling egypt,The Pyramids!I was astonished and had a momentary feeling of discovering something when i first saw practically the most sought after architecture,pyramids.Here you can go by camels or horses to see pyramids.Lots of people come here to see it everyday.The Pyramids of Giza are famous and oldest.There are numerous pyramids of different Pharaohs(the rulers who built it and now buried in it).But you will see the famous and oldest ones only.

The sphinx is another creature,not still found what it stands for.But that too you will see.These pyramids and sphinx have magnificient view during sunsets and sunrise.Egyptian museum has many things stored for you to see and you will find archaeologists and other historians wandering here.

Egypt’s national carrier is Air Sinai and Egypt Air.From Europe it is cheap,else you will find costly visiting Cairo.Cairo is linked with most European destinations.Holidays packages are best options in Europe to travel to Egypt.Ferries run in Mediterranean and red sea.Buses services are there in inter-countries and rail service in the nation.

Egypt dominates in Sahara desert.Though desert,one of the most marvellous architecture and art ever seen anywhere.You would quickly recall you read about mummies,tombs,sphinx and most popular pyramids.The capital city is Cairo.Population of egypt is 7 crores.Currency Egyptian pound.Arabic is their official language with 94 % people muslims.

Deserts are with pyramids containing dead bodies of old kings called pharoahs.These pharoahs were put in mummies and mummies in pyramids.Preserved with spices and oil.A sphinx is a lion with womens head and is an enormous structure.Nile river,the largest river in the world passes through it and the area mesopotamia is one of the fertilest lands of the world.Enormous temples at Luxor and aswan dam,one of the largest dams over river nile.I wish you would try ferry in this river.Wonderful experience.

Egypt is generally hot and dry climate.Only mediterranean coast and coastal regions experience moderate climate.Hot dry winds blow at 150 km/hr in deserts and dry places during summer time.Only delta regions of nile river pleased me.Else egypt is too hot and dry like other sahara countries.Egypt does have rich history of stratified class like pharoahs and their rule,great kings and other stuff….Egypt has great succession of islamic and christ rulers who ruled here and developed what egypt has still preserved like pyramids and other great architecture.