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Migration to Australia

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    Default Migration to Australia

    Migration to Australia

    Australia is a very popular destination for Indian migrants. The Land Down Under also offers wonderful opportunities. The country has a liberal immigration system, which has contributed mainly to increasing number of immigrants. Australian department for immigration and citizenship has made some policy changes. It gives priority to people looking to migrate to Australia with skills or qualifications listed on critical skills list. Wide ranges of professions are covered in Skilled Occupation List (SOL). It has become the choicest destination for skilled workers from all over the world.

    Australia has shortage of skilled workers and they are always looking out for people who have skills and who can contribute in some way to the nation. For a business owner, skilled professional, qualifying for permanent residency is easy. One can also plan to migrate to Australia if a close relative or spouse is a permanent resident of Australia.

    Those individuals who are looking to migrate to Australia, there are many visa options available today. Age, skills, English language ability, family contacts in Australia are main criterion for selection processes. Around 100 visa options are available to migrants who wish to go to Australia. These can give you permanent or temporary entry in the country. Family migration, skilled migration, business migration and employer migration program are some of the popular and most common categories used by candidates to apply.

    1. Business visas

    Australian business visas were introduced to encourage entrepreneurs so that they can settle in the country and develop new exciting businesses. Since March 2003, there is a two stage process.

    1. For the first four years, the migrants are granted as Business skills (Provisional) visa.
    2. Once they settle their business or show any kind of investment activity, then they can apply for a Business skills Permanent residence visa.

    Even for business skills category there are various subclasses.

    1. Business owner category

    A successful business owner can be an ideal candidate for this kind of visa. Business owners, part owners, senior managers having a net value of AUS$500,000 and additional assets of AUS$100,000 can apply for a temporary visa in this category. The age limit for this category is 45 years.

    2. Senior executive category

    To be eligible for this category the applicant has to be somebody who held a high position in a business, which can not be a Government enterprise. The work experience has to be within 2 to 4 years time frame from the day the application for visa is made. The applicant should have a net value of AUS$250,000 and some additional assets needed to settle in the country.

    3. Investor category

    This category is for investors and business people. An individual who was involved in any qualifying business activity can apply for this visa. It requires the applicant to have at least 3 years of direct involvement in managing a business. The applicant and the spouse can have ownership interest of at least 10% or investment of at least AUS$ 1,500,000 in any qualifying business.

    In all these categories, one can get a sponsorship from state/territory. if one gets a sponsorship, then financial requirements can be lowered and the age limit can be increased. A non sponsored applicant has to be less than 45 yrs of age, but with sponsorship, the age limit can go up to 55 years.

    2. Employer sponsored visas

    This visa is for individuals who seek to work in Australia after being sponsored by an Australian employer. Australian businesses increasingly recruit skilled workers from overseas as there is a shortage of skilled workforce in the country. There are both temporary and permanent visa options in this category.

    1. 457 work permit (Business Long stay)

    It is a temporary visa for workers who are sponsored by their employers. This visa allows one to work in Australia from one day to four years. The processing time is very quick for this visa and that is why it is very popular.

    2. Employer nomination scheme (ENS)

    It is a type of permanent residence visa which enables Australian employers to recruit skilled staff from overseas or people who are in Australia temporarily. Efforts are on by the Australian government to make the process easier and faster for employees and employers.

    3. Regional sponsor migration scheme (RSMS)

    Employers, who are in less populated areas or where there is a lack of skilled workers, can sponsor skilled workers to fill in their vacancies. The employees can apply for regional sponsored migration visa which is permanent residence visa for foreign nationals allowing them to work in Australia.

    2. Family visa options

    Any relative of an Australian citizen has to apply for the relevant visa and once he is sponsored by the person who is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia can the individual reside in Australia. There are many visa options available for parents, partners, child, and other dependent relatives of Australian citizens, or Australian permanent residents or New Zealand residents.

    1. Parent visas

    This allows parents of settled citizens of Australia or New Zealand. Parents whose children are settled in Australia can apply for this visa and migrate to Australia permanently. For this visa, the applicant has to be sponsored by his child or any other sponsor.

    There is a contributory parent category also which is processed faster and the costs more than the Parent visa.

    2. Partner visas

    Spouse, fiancé, de facto spouse; no one is entitled for an Australian residency automatically. There are many categories in this visa also.

    1. Spouse category

    This is a two stage visa, where an individual will be granted a temporary visa and after completing two years of relationship, it will be changed to a permanent visa.

    2. Interdependent partner visa

    The minimum age requirement for applying for this visa is 18 years. For this visa, the applicant has to b e in an interdependent relationship to their sponsor. It is mostly used by same sex couples and all other criterion is same as that of spouse category.

    3. Prospective marriage visa

    It is for those individuals who are from overseas and are engaged to an Australia citizen, permanent resident of Australia or New Zealand. In this category, the visa granted is valid for 9 months and in this time applicant should marry the sponsor and then later apply for spouse visa.

    3. Other family visas

    1. Child category

    This visa is for foreign children who are dependent, adopted, step child of a sponsor who is an Australia citizen or a permanent resident or an eligible New Zealand citizen. There is permanent child visa, orphan relative visa and dependent child visa options available.

    2. Aged dependent relative

    This visa option is available to a single (widowed, divorced, never married) aged person whose closest relative is a citizen of Australia. The individual has to be finically dependent on the sponsor.

    iii. Remaining relative

    This visa can be applied for by any individual whose all near ones are settled in Australia. The individual has to be sponsored by the relative who is a citizen or permanent resident of Australia.

    3. Skilled visa

    General skilled Migration Program is the most popular visa option. The applicant must be above 18 years of age and under 45 years. Good English language ability is also a prerequisite for this visa.

    Based on the qualifications and skills, the applicant can nominate a skill listed on the Skill occupation List. If the chosen skill or occupation falls in the Critical Skills List , then the application goes for priority processing.

    Recent work experience and qualification in any occupation which is listed on the SOL is another requirement.

    There are many categories of skilled visas.

    1. Skilled Independent

    Individuals who do not have any employer sponsor can take this route. It is a very preferred option as it does not have many restrictions. Apart from basic requisites, the applicant needs to score 120 points.

    2. Skilled Sponsored

    This is another option for those people who fail to score 120 points required for skilled independent visa. Any relative or state government can sponsor the applicant. By scoring 100 points and satisfying the basic requirements, the applicant can obtain a visa.

    3. Regional Sponsored

    This is a 3 year visa for those individuals who were unable to qualify for independent skilled category. The applicant can either be nominated by a relative residing in a designated part of country or state/territory government. It will allow the applicant to remain in Australia up to 3 years.

    The applicant can apply for a permanent residency only after he has stayed and worked for at least 2 years in a specified regional area of Australia.

    For successfully applying for a visa, an individual needs some assistance. First one has to decide which visa is appropriate and then see if he meets the basic requirements. Australian visa application centers are located in many cities through out India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chandigarh and Bangalore. Australian High commission is responsible for the processing of visas.

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    After the recent racial attacks on Indians, I am afraid many of us will be apprehensive about migrating to Oz !!

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    Even with these attacks it is still safer to live in Australia then India.
    Have you seen the way people are treated in Mumbai? Mns strikes at will and earlier it was Shivsena.

    This sena that sena. In Australia you dont get senas and people get prosecuted for crimes unlike India.

    I think migrating to Australia is still as safe as it has always been.
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    I agree with Transformer. There are more racists in India than
    in Australia.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Punch Farce View Post
    I agree with Transformer. There are more racists in India than
    in Australia.

    There's logic in that.

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