Switzerland is a country which is known throughout the world for its immense beauty and heart taking sights. It is regarded as one of the most beautiful countries of the world and this is one of the main reasons for the high migration rates of people towards Switzerland. The migration rates for Switzerland are among the highest in the world and as Switzerland is a prosperous as well as a self sufficient country, it faces no problem in providing a satisfactory habitat as well as a perfect surrounding to live in. As known by all, migration is a result of a sudden change in the circumstances that surround an individual or a group of people which force them to leave their native place and settle in a new country or a town but it is also a true fact that migration brings with it new opportunities as well as a fresh surrounding that helps the migrant to start a new life and earn a good living for himself.

Talking about the thought of migration to Switzerland, it can be said that migration to Switzerland is not an easy task as it requires a great number of formalities and processes that have to be fulfilled. In order to complete the process of migration to Switzerland, an individual or a group of individuals has to take certain permissions such as visa, work permit, residence permit and if a person wants to acquire permanent citizenship, then there are certain formalities that we will discuss in the next extract. The entire procedure of migration to Switzerland starts from obtaining visa for getting the right to stand on the exciting land of Switzerland. In order to attain the visa, one has to place an application to the Swiss embassy located in the country where the migrant is currently living requesting for the grant of visa in order to have the permission of going and staying on the land of Switzerland. If a person is having an intention of working in Switzerland, then he has to give an additional application to the Swiss embassy in order to acquire work permit which grant the permission of working and making a living to a person that has migrated to Switzerland.

After a person has got the work permit from the Swiss government, then he is entitled to a non objectionable living as well as working permission and he can start making his living there. A person who is a permanent resident of the country of Switzerland does not have to attain work permit from the government of Switzerland. Thus, in order to attain permanent residence permission, one has to obtain a great number of permissions and clarifications as it is a matter of high level security inquiries. Firstly all the personal details as well as professional details of the person wishing to get Swiss citizenship and is presented in front of the court of foreign affairs. If the court approves the details of the migrant, then he is granted a no objection certificate and his application of permanent citizenship is accepted.