To control Hong Kong’s immigration, the responsibility lies with the immigration department of Hong Kong. In the year 1997, when Sovereignty of the territory was assumed by People’s Republic of China, the immigration system of Hong Kong showed no change from the predecessor model of British. In Hong Kong right to abode was not given to the mainland china residents, neither where they allowed before and after 1997 to get in the territory.

The kind of visa you require for entering or visiting Hong Kong depends a lot on the nature as well as purpose of your visit. You can easily get a student or tourist visa for Hong Kong but to obtain a work visa is not easy. Some of the common visas are given under.

Visitor Visa for Hongkong

Nationals from many countries like Australia, UK, US, Germany, France, Singapore, and Italy are allowed to visit and enter Hong Kong without the need of visa. There are allowed to stay in Hong Kong between 7 and 180 days. In case you require a visa you need to apply at the Chinese embassy or your home country’s consulate. The process can take up to four weeks.

Investment Visa

In Hong Kong investment visa are given to self employed people. To obtain this visa, you require finishing a lot of paper work related to your professional and educational background as well as future business activities, capital and more.

Work Visa

To obtain a work visa you should have a job with a sponsoring company which is ready to employ you as well as carry out your application process for getting you the permit. It is important for the sponsoring company to prove that you have the right skills and are eligible for the job. The immigration department before granting these work visas takes in to consideration education, experience of job and many other factors of the applicant. The application is submitted by your employer for whom you will be working and not you. These work visas are usually granted till the end of your contract, they are never given for more than 2 years at a time.

Student Visa

These visas are similar to work visas. In order to obtain this student visa, the sponsoring institution will require applying on your behalf for the visa.

Dependent Visa

It you are on business visa or work visa you can sponsor visa application for residency of your partner and kids below 18 years. You should always remember that in case you lose you job or business you lose your visa as well.

Permanent Residency

This type of residency is granted to people who have been living in Hong Kong for at least seven years. With permanent residency you can work in any company and live in Hong Kong

If you are looking to migrate to Hong Kong from India there are a large number of immigration service agencies that can help you. These agencies not only help you in filling up the necessary forms but they are also having full knowledge of the immigration laws.